Energy Solutions

Tenere Technologies offers optimum energy solutions to our clients through energy and power quality auditing. Our effective energy management services clearly provide the effective usage of power for any system. These services are designed to reduce power losses and improve efficiency. Our services include, Energy Audit Services, Energy Conservation Solutions, Power Factor Correction Systems, and Power Quality Improvement Solution.

In the present scenario of rising energy commodity climate, it is essential for the industries to look beyond controlling energy costs on the supply side. Tenere Technologies offers a full suite of energy efficiency solutions, including Energy Audits, Energy Conservation Solutions, power factor correction, Power Quality Improvement Solutions, harmonic analysis and filter design, switchgears and Solar power plants. Our network of reliable electrical suppliers and parts manufacturers ensures quick availability for your needs.

Energy Audit

We have a team of experienced Certified Energy Auditors and Managers as part of our Electrical Energy solutions team, available for an on-site review to identify energy conservation measures, savings estimates, budgetary costs, and rebate opportunities.

Being equipped with qualified talented technical & experienced staff along with all the required Testing Equipment and Tools, we provide Electrical and Thermal Energy Saving schemes for Industries, Hospitals, Corporates, Commercial Malls and Educational Institutions.

Energy Management Solutions

It is very important to monitor and control the use of energy in industries. We provide energy management solutions to enable organisations to improve the energy performance of their installations, with the clear aim of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and operational energy costs, thereby helping them to get ISO 50001 Certification. We also provide remote monitoring of energy management systems with latest technology and software.

Power Quality Audit and Power factor correction

Low-power-factor loads increase losses in a power distribution system and result in increased energy costs. Tenere Technology measures and obtains the power factor at each premise and provides a cost benefit analysis of a power factor correction to avoid transmission and distribution service provider power factor penalties. We offer high end power quality audit which can give the exact picture of Power quality content in your premises. Thereby, limiting the pollution in electrical network and avoiding losses & Penalty based on the CEA Guidance.

Harmonic Filter Solutions

We offer predictive analysis for harmonic distortion. We can determine the cause and recommend solutions for voltage and current distortion. We design filters to solve power quality problems and provide the complete filter circuit and component specifications.

Solar Power Plant

Solar Energy is most valuable free source of Energy and it is free from hazardous gas emission and pollutions. Moreover it offers high savings compare with present electricity tariffs and Generator unit generation costs. We provide cost effective and high tech solar power plants, Solar Water Heating Systems and Solar Pumps and solar energy solutions to Industries, Hospitals, Corporates, Commercial Malls and Educational Institutions.

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