Embark – Workshops

Welcome to embark! All you university people, gangs, college going sophomores and freshers, this one’s for you! Do you want to make the cut and be the best in the field which you choose. the best thing that can happen is the opprtunity and the potential that lies with Embark! Bringing you the latest technology, software and what else; Everything in a nutshell! Embark on this journey and watch in awe as the things you dream of, becomes reality! Have a look at the paths you can take, journeys you can tread and the modes to embark upon. Check out the list below! 

  • Energy Audit & Energy Conservation in Industries
  • Electronic System Design
  • Embedded System Design Using Arduino
  • Model-Based Design using Arduino with MATLAB
  • VLSI System Design
  • Embedded System Design using LABVIEW
  • Embedded System Design using MSP430
  • Arduino using LABVIEW ·         
  • PLC & SCADA ·         
  • Signal Processing with MATLAB ·         
  • Image Processing with MATLAB ·         
  • Physical Modeling of Electrical Power Systems with SimPowerSystems ·         
  • Industrial Electrical systems ·         
  • Industrial Automation and Energy conservation 
  • Solar Photovoltaics ·         
  • PCB Design ·         
  • Circuit Simulation using SPICE ·         
  • PIC Programming using Embedded C
  • dsPIC Programming using Embedded C

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